Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kris Allen Concert Journal

Yes, I'm a big fan of Kris Allen's music. In 2012, I attended two of his live shows; and in 2013, I'll attend two more -- got my VIP tickets! Woot! Woot!

I've been hoarding these cute Amy Tangerine mini books/day books for about a year and I finally figured out that I can use them to document various events in my life.

Here are a few pages from my mini book:

This is the cover. I'm using Amy Tangerine's mini book because all of the pages in the journal are the same size (her day book journals are great because there are different page designs and sizes). 

One of the pages inside of the journal, listing the performances I attended in 2012 and the two I'll attend in 2013. In May, I convinced my friend Kerry to accompany me for a day trip up to Ocean City. I was going to attend the concert alone but Kerry kindly agreed to go with me and keep me company. Yay!

So what else are you going to do for 7 hours waiting for a show? You hang out on the beach, the boardwalk, get henna tattoos, and buy cheap beach chairs! 

The next Kris performance I attended was at The Hamilton in Washington, DC. I think it's one of my newest favorite venues to see performances. I won VIP sound check passes and convinced my friend Michele to join me. By now, I had found some other local ladies who are big time Kris fans, so I didn't have to attend his show alone! Haha! 

I love my "The Greeting Farm" stamps. I swear, all of my stamps are used to look like one of the boys and rarely on actual cards. 

Stay tuned! I have two concerts coming in January 2013 and this time, I'll actually take more pictures and keep better track of my souvenirs.

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